About Me

I have beenShayne New Pic in Chiang Mai, Thailand for 6 years and I am a volunteer who works full time and helps people with advice part time. My main role is co-ordinating our foundation’s volunteer base with visas and work permits and trying to make sure all paper work is completed.

You may have seen me around town or on Facebook and giving my advice and opinions, I have enough of them. If you want to buy me dinner or a soda, I can share about how to do life in Chiang Mai simply and cheaply. I usually live on about 10-12 thousand baht per month, just northwest of the old city.

I can help with all sorts of general living in Chiang Mai advice and my basics page has lots of great information sourced over the years. I like food and I am also a bit of a fan of the local buffets so if you are very hungry, check them out. There will be posts around the blog to have a look at.

I am not specifically a digital nomad, but I try to hang out with them and learn what I can about this WordPress stuff and I am starting to get some things happening with an online presence that for most of you will not be of any help as it will be in another language. If you have skills and want to get help me a little, so I can help others better, then let me know.